The origin of Knopes dates back to 1936 when Albert Knopes, a former teacher, decided to found a grocery store selling exotic food items which he quickly specialised in coffee.

With 80 years of experience and 4 successive generations, the passion for coffee still remains intact. We distill this passion through our coffeeshops and with our customers.

In 2016, Knopes continues to roast using the traditional artisanal method. The know-how here is a family story. Fabien Knopes, 4th generation of roasters, continues the search for perfection and selection of the best coffees.

Our coffees are freshly roasted in Luxembourg every Monday and Thursday. We celebrate their unique flavors and characteristics that depend on their origin, botanical variety and processing method (and many other factors…).

In order to preserve their natural qualities, we strive to roast them slowly and delicately on our PROBAT UG22, a restored coffee roaster dating from the 1960s.

Because coffee is a fresh product from a fruit that is not harvested at the same time around the world, our range evolves throughout the year in order to only offer freshly harvested coffees from farms and cooperatives respectful of their employees and environment.

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