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The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel

The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel, created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), is a crucial tool for coffee tasters. This wheel was designed to help tasters identify and communicate coffee flavors in a precise and standardized manner.

The Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel by SCA

The wheel is divided into several sections, each representing a distinct flavor category. Flavors are categorized from general to specific, allowing tasters to accurately describe the nuances of each coffee.

Flavor categories include floral, fruity, sweet, acidic, spicy, and many more. Each category is then further subdivided into specific flavors, providing a comprehensive range of descriptors for tasters.

The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel is an essential tool in the specialty coffee industry, enabling professionals and coffee enthusiasts to explore and describe flavor profiles accurately and consistently.

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