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When you're looking to buy coffee, whether for a morning brew or to enjoy a cup of coffee after a meal, choosing the right supplier is crucial. That's why RoasterCup stands out as a leading e-commerce of artisanal coffee, offering a variety of ground coffee, coffee beans, accessories and coffee equipment. Our coffees are carefully selected for their quality and gourmet flavor profile, from dark chocolate notes to vanilla and caramel, guaranteeing every coffee lover a rich and satisfying experience.
With artisanal roasting and a commitment to certified products of controlled origin, we meet the expectations of the most demanding coffee lovers. Below are answers to frequently asked questions that will help you make the ideal choice for your next coffee order.

How does RoasterCup ensure the freshness of its ground coffee?

Freshness is a priority at RoasterCup and we ensure it for ground coffee via two options:
1. Gound to order by the artisan roaster: this is simply as fresh as it gets. We wait for your order to grind the beans to your selected specifications. Most of our products fall under this category and are identified by the label "custom grind".
2. Packaged shortly after grinding to preserve all its aromatic notes and freshness. Grinding takes place in batches with a frequency that varies between twice a week to once a month.

What's more, the packaging is designed to protect the coffee from air and light, two factors that can rapidly degrade coffee quality.

What types of coffee can I find at RoasterCup?

We offer a wide range of ground coffees, including Arabica and Robusta, as well as beans for those who prefer to grind their own coffee. Each variety is roasted by hand to bring out the unique aromas of each type of coffee. This approach maximizes the flavor and freshness of the coffees, offering a rich and fully developed taste experience.

Does RoasterCup offer tips on how to make the perfect coffee at home?

Absolutely! RoasterCup provides detailed brewing tips for different brewing methods, including espresso, latte and cappuccino. Whether you use an automatic coffee machine, an Italian coffee maker, or an espresso machine, you can find recommendations for getting the best cup of coffee. In this way, RoasterCup helps its customers maximize the aroma and flavor of their coffee, guaranteeing an ideal tasting experience every time.

What are the advantages of ordering ground coffee from RoasterCup?

One of the main advantages of choosing RoasterCup for your ground coffee is the variety and quality of the options available. Most products are also ground to order by the artisan roaster following your selection of the grind type / desired extraction method. These products are identified with the label "custom grind" and guarantee a superior taste experience.

Does RoasterCup offer organic ground coffee options?

Yes, RoasterCup is committed to offering a wide range of organic ground coffees. These products are grown without the use of chemicals, with total respect for the environment, making them an ideal choice for consumers concerned about protecting nature and health.

RoasterCup: your destination for sustainable, delicious coffee

RoasterCup is an e-commerce service that specializes in selecting the finest coffees, working with local roasters who respect the principles of fairtrade and organic farming.
Our offer includes a variety of certified organic coffees from plantations committed to environmentally-friendly farming practices. Choosing RoasterCup means opting for sustainability and respect for ethical standards, while enjoying unrivalled coffee quality and flavour.
With RoasterCup, every coffee bean is an invitation to explore a world of authentic, sophisticated flavors. Our commitment to quality and diversity transforms every cup into a unique coffee experience. Dive into the world of coffee beans with RoasterCup.

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