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Experience Coffee Bean Excellence with RoasterCup

RoasterCup invites you to a unique sensory exploration, where coffee beans are more than just a drink: they're an experience. For those who appreciate a fresh, full-flavored cup of coffee, we offer beans sourced directly from roasters renowned for their artisanal approach and relentless pursuit of quality. Each coffee variety we select is the result of a deep commitment to excellence, ensuring an exceptional taste experience with every cup. We offer a variety of coffees roasted slowly to capture all their essence, unique blends, and even decaffeinated coffee options for those who wish to limit their caffeine intake. Our passion for coffee leads us to constantly explore new trends, while respecting roasting traditions.

How do we ensure the freshness of our roasted coffee beans?

Freshness is at the heart of the RoasterCup experience. Our coffee beans are roasted using a slow, artisanal process that preserves and amplifies each bean's unique aromas and flavors. Our partner roasters, roast beans frequently (from twice a week to once a month) and will always use most recent roasted batches to fulfill your oders. We do not operate large warehouses where we buy and store coffee for months. All coffee ships directly from the roaster for unbeatable freshness and flavour.

How to store your RoasterCup coffee beans?

Optimal storage of your coffee beans is essential to maintain their aroma and freshness. We recommend storing beans in an airtight bag, away from light and humidity, to guarantee consistent quality. This attention to detail ensures that every cup of RoasterCup coffee is the reflection of craftsmanship dedicated to excellence.Store your coffee beans in a cool, dry place, away from direct light, in an airtight bag to preserve their freshness and aroma.

What's the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans?

RoasterCup offers a rigorous selection of Arabica and Robusta coffees. RoasterCup's Arabicas, grown mainly in Latin America, are distinguished by their subtle acidity, fruity notes and remarkable aromatic complexity, making every tasting a moment of gourmet pleasure. Robustas, from carefully selected plantations, offer a fuller-bodied taste, with a pronounced bitterness and higher caffeine content, ideal for lovers of intense coffees. RoasterCup guarantees a diversity of flavors to satisfy every preference.

What is the best way to grind my coffee beans for an espresso?

For an espresso, opt for a fine grind, which allows better extraction of flavors and aromas under the pressure of the machine.The grinding of your coffee beans is essential to fully appreciate their flavor and aroma. At RoasterCup, we give you the freedom to customize your grind, perfectly adapting your coffee to your favorite coffee machine, whether it's a velvety espresso, a creamy cappuccino, or a simple filter coffee. Our experts guide you in choosing the ideal grind for each brewing method, ensuring a perfect extraction every time.

What types of coffee can I make?

With RoasterCup, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a fan of a dense, creamy espresso, a smooth, creamy latte, or a rich cappuccino with perfect milk foam, our bean-to-cup coffees, ground coffees and a wide range of coffee machines provide the ideal base for all these preparations. Lovers of traditional methods will also appreciate our coffees for moka or plunger coffee makers, each revealing distinct aromatic notes depending on the type of coffee and brewing method.

RoasterCup: your destination for sustainable, delicious coffee

RoasterCup is an e-commerce service that specializes in selecting the finest coffees, working with local roasters who respect the principles of fairtrade and organic farming.
Our offer includes a variety of certified organic coffees from plantations committed to environmentally-friendly farming practices. Choosing RoasterCup means opting for sustainability and respect for ethical standards, while enjoying unrivalled coffee quality and flavour.
With RoasterCup, every coffee bean is an invitation to explore a world of authentic, sophisticated flavors. Our commitment to quality and diversity transforms every cup into a unique coffee experience. Dive into the world of coffee beans with RoasterCup.

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